Snicks is the best way to experience quality stories during those short breaks in everyday life – on your phone, in text and in audio.

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Snicks are made to be with you at all times in your everyday life.

Our stories are produced to be experienced on your phone – always conveniently with you when you have time to spare. Read, listen and get the immersive experience of text with illustrations and pictures as well as graphic novels.
Of course, it is all packaged in short snick sized episodes.

Entertainment, Information & Inspiration

Find your story-treasure in up to date genres, collections and by checking your favorite creators.

The mix of original content, daily insights, non-fiction, collaborations and audiovisual stories, spread across the spectrum of storytelling makes sure there is always a perfect match for any in-between moment in life.

Creators of Snicks

There is a person behind every story and these people are what makes Snicks possible.

We work together with a large group of creators from different backgrounds, countries, cities, knowledge areas and creative paths.


At Snicks we are always on the lookout for talented creators and amazing content. No partnership or collaboration is too big!

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